Heberble and D Live Blog the Grammys

Our reader seemed to enjoy our Live Super Bowl Blog, so we’re running it back. Tune in Sunday night as Heberble and D Live Blog the Grammys. What qualifies Heberble and D as experts on all things Gammylicious? Not much. But ask yourself, if Heberble and D knew or gave a flying crap about Fergie’s Top 10 Red Carpet Moments, would that be funny?

Mike D’s iThingy contains nothing but old school rap and hair bands, so you may have to explain to him who this Beaver kid is that your mom has a crush on (what? Beiber?…is he one of the vampires? …whatever….)

Doug’s 7(?) year old daughter just bought a sewing machine, so he will be fielding most of the “what the heck is that chick wearing, my 8(?) year old daughter could have made it” comments.

Note: If you are our reader, do us a solid and tell a friend about this groundbreaking live blog event. Not many blogs double their readership in a day.