9th Annual Inaugural April Fool’s Day Open to Raise Awareness Registration Form, Disclaimers, Etc.

Those that lived through it this year.

8th AFDO Participants

The AFDO is upon us. Kick off is Sat, 3/29/14 at High Noon O’Clock. If you are planning or playing or spectating, please fill out the following form. By filling out this form you waive all (sorry…verbiage yet to be determined by Cheese is Funny crack legal team). (Don’t worry…Heberble is a lawyer…but he’s watching the Carolina game right now, so I’m going to get him to fill in the legal stuff later.)  Please fill out the form by 8:00 am, Friday, March 28, 2018.  If you can’t make the call until later Fri or Saturday am, give us a “maybe”,  so we can kind of plan for you.

Many of you have asked about costumes…and rain…and prizes…and gift bags…and a bunch of other inane crap. We’ll get back to you. Maybe.

If you have not called AFDO Caddy Chairman for Life, Ben Owen at 336-(insert Ben’s name here) (…sigh…still not kidding), please do so post haste. If you need a caddy, please let Ben know. If you do not need a caddy, please let Ben know. If you have ideas about ways that Ben could improve the Caddy Chairmanship please let Ben know. If you just want to congratulate Ben on securing this sweet, sweet position, please let him know. The important thing is that you call him. A lot. He’s very lonely.


Thanks so much. Looking forward to it. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, cumquats, please feel free to share them in the “Reply” area below.


AFDO Registration Committee