Welcome to Cheese is Funny.

This blog will be made up primarily of random musings of Doug Heberle and Mike Davis. We promise to only write about topics that we are in no way qualified to offer expert opinions. (Related: Don’t let the title of this blog deceive you…not everyone thinks we’re funny…although we laugh at almost everything each other says.)

We don’t remember the context of the conversation that we decided that cheese is funny, but trust us…we laughed and laughed.


Tale of the Tape

Heberble Mike D
Marital Status Married Single
College Notre Dame, UNC-CH Law School Was mascot, Yosef, at Appalachian State
Children 1 boy, 1 girl He hopes not
Funny? Performs improv weekly Looking
Pop Culture Trivia expert. 8 Fantasy Football teams. Has seen every episode of American Idol, Survivor and The Amazing Race. Hates reality TV. Fast forwards through all commercials. Girfriend had to explain to him who the Kardashians are.