The Oscars

Attn Cheese is Funny Reader: It’s getting pretty close to that time again. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY, February 24th at 7pm  Heberble and D will be live-blogging the Oscars (or earlier…we may catch some of the wacky red-carpet shenanigans),

The actual Academy Awards may not be that interesting, but it is bound to be made cheese-level-funny by the rapid-fire witticisms brought forth by Heberble and D, mostly because the only nominated film either of them will admit to having seen is “Moneyball” (Rumor has it that both of them have actually seen “The Help”, but anyone suspected of perpetuating this will be given a generous portion of Minnie pie).

In these days leading up to the Oscars, D and Heberble will make their Oscar predictions, recommend the appropriate cheese to go with each film, and begin stocking the liquor cabinet for Sunday night’s live-blogging extravaganza.

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. Any resemblance to any person, real or imaginary, is purely coincidental.