Coming Soon…

You probably don’t even realize it, but this is the one you’ve been waiting for…Heberble and D Live Blogging the Super Bowl! Why should this interest you, you ask? Well, first of all…who gives a flying crap about the Patriots vs the Giants. Maybe Mike and Doug’s live commentary will make the game bearable for everyone other than the three Yankees who are excited about this matchup.

Doug Heberle: Owner/Coach of 8 imaginary football teams. Doesn’t use a cheat sheet for his fantasy football drafts. Has actually played football.

Mike D: Football season ends for him when Appalachian State either loses in the playoffs or wins the National Championship. He once drafted Bruce Isaac for his fantasy team, The Ass Scratchers.

Count down the minutes. Tune in. If you were the viewer of the public access Jaycee TV the season Doug and Mike hosted, you know you can count on a hit…or a miss… Either way, we virtually guarantee a wardrobe malfunction.